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AI Usage Soars Then Stabilizes

From April to June of this year, we observed a consistent upward trajectory in AI/ML usage and traffic. However, since August, there has been a gradual decline in activity since then, reflecting the dynamic nature of AI trends.

Figure 1: A graph illustrating the sharp rise of AI traffic and sudden stabilization.

AI’s Transformation of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry emerged as a key driver of AI/ML traffic, offering a compelling glimpse into the rapid advancements made during the Industry 4.0 era3. This sector’s engagement highlights the pivotal role of AI and ML in shaping the future of manufacturing. Besides manufacturing, the following industry verticals stood out:

– Finance

– Technology

– Services

Figure 2: A breakdown of the top AI/ML traffic producers by industry.

As evident from the data presented, a significant portion of the observed transactions originates from the manufacturing sector, predominantly featuring applications like ChatGPT, Drift, and Pypestream. Simultaneously, the finance sector holds a substantial share, accounting for 17.2% of the transactions, driven primarily by the adoption of ChatGPT and Drift. Irrespective of the industry vertical, ChatGPT, Drift, and LivePerson emerge at the frontrunners in terms of popularity among generative AI-powered applications. Drift is an AI powered conversational tool that integrates with email and chat. While LivePerson is also an AI powered service for customer interaction.

Figure 3: A graph showing usage over time by industry.

ChatGPT, Driving Force Behind Popularity

Unsurprisingly, emerged as the dominant player, accounting for a substantial share of our observed transactions, approximately 36% in total. Interestingly, within this substantial figure, a noteworthy 58% can be attributed to ChatGPT-related traffic. This data indicates the important role of in facilitating a significant portion of our transactions, with ChatGPT serving as a key driver of engagement and activity on the platform. After, the top domains are:




Figure 4: A breakdown of the top AI/ML-related domains

Drift Takes Lead in Language Processing

The foremost AI/ML language processing application in use is Drift, leading the pack, with ChatGPT and LivePerson closely following suit. A significant focus among users revolves around language processing tools employing LLMs. The overarching goal centers on enhancing automated user interactions, as evidenced by widespread adoption in chatbot integration, in-hour writing tool utilization, and speech-to-text applications.

Figure 5: A breakdown of the most popular language processing AI applications.