Our observability users want to have a simple, streamlined experience between Cisco and Splunk.More RSS Feeds: https://newsroom.cisco.com/c/r/newsroom/en/us/rss-feeds.html

​Cisco Newsroom: Security  Our observability users want to have a simple, streamlined experience between Cisco and Splunk.More RSS Feeds: https://newsroom.cisco.com/c/r/newsroom/en/us/rss-feeds.html Read More [[{“value”:”

When Cisco initially closed the acquisition of Splunk, we promised we would swiftly deliver more together, capitalizing on each company’s incredible products and skillsets to bring exponential value to our customers. This week at Cisco Live, I have the pleasure of helping showcase how Cisco AppDynamics and Splunk are making our Better Together vision a reality and how we are expanding Cisco Full-Stack Observability to an organizations’ entire enterprise.

In less than three months since the acquisition, we’re able to announce early integrations, share how we are delivering a unified observability experience between Cisco AppDynamics and Splunk, and give insight into what our near-term vision and roadmap looks like. Together, we are helping to provide unified visibility across any environment and stack and providing customers the insights they need to take actions where it matters most for their business. We are also continuing to innovate within Cisco AppDynamics — particularly in AI — and expanding its availability in the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

New Cisco AppDynamics + Splunk Innovations

Here are some of the expanded use cases and integrations we’re sharing at Cisco Live US 2024.

Unified Observability Experience

Our observability users want to have a simple, streamlined experience between Cisco and Splunk. They don’t want to feel like they’re using multiple products, and having to repeatedly log in, and log out. Our new unified experience across Cisco and Splunk Observability products includes single sign-on credentials to simplify workflows, and context-driven investigations with deep linking to ensure rapid identification of performance issues.

Log Observer Connect for Cisco AppDynamics with Splunk

Our customers look to Splunk and Cisco AppDynamics to deliver the best when it comes to logs, and other telemetry data types in APM. With Log Observer Connect, we are centralizing logs for the entire enterprise — including observability teams —and providing the ability to analyze logs in-context within the troubleshooting workflow and allows teams to swiftly reduce the time taken to solve problems.

Cisco AI Assistant for Cisco AppDynamics

We want to empower teams at every level to make informed decisions, faster. With our new AI Assistant, built with responsible, generative AI technology, we can tailor responses to a diverse set of users — helping them with meaningful guidance, regardless of their skill sets or knowledge levels.

Cisco AppDynamics on Microsoft Azure

We are excited to be expanding Cisco AppDynamics SaaS, now hosted on Microsoft Azure, with our first region located in Toronto, Canada. Most teams have a multi-cloud approach, and we are committed to meeting them where they’re at and providing more choice in selecting their preferred cloud service provider. With Cisco AppDynamics on Microsoft Azure, we can help expand regional coverage, help maintain compliance with industry-specific regulatory requirements, and help organizations streamline their workflows.

Continuing our Better Together Story

This is just the beginning of our Better Together story with Splunk, and I could not be more excited about the capabilities we can deliver with our combined solutions. We aim to deliver a cohesive Observability experience across our portfolios, so that our customers get frictionless and complete visibility across any environment and any stack in one place. It’s an exciting time for Observability, and with the power of Cisco and Splunk together, we can help our customers build and mature their observability practices to meet their business KPIs. I’m looking forward to taking you all along with me on this journey together.

You can read more in the press release, Cisco and Splunk launch integrated full-stack observability experience for the enterprise.

Learn about new observability and operational efficiency enhancements—
from AI innovations to Splunk log analysis solutions for AppDynamics.

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Better Together: Introducing new Splunk integrations and AI innovations for Cisco AppDynamics 

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