It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are upon us, and leaves are changingdepending on where you livebut most importantly, Cisco Live APJC in Melbourne is here!  

Join us in person or onli… Read more on Cisco Blogs

It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are upon us, and leaves are changing—depending on where you live—but most importantly, Cisco Live APJC in Melbourne is here!  

Join us in person or online on December 5-8, 2023, for the ultimate Cisco Live experience. Whether you want to learn from IT leaders worldwide in our keynote talks or collaborate with technical experts in one of our 350+ breakout sessions, choose from one of our comprehensive registration packages to fit all your needs.

The Learning and Certification Space in The HUB at Cisco Live is jam-packed with fun demos and learning activities! This year, we are bringing back our ever-so-exciting Cisco U. Theater, lined up with some of our best speakers at Cisco Live. Whether you are interested in learning about our newest MultiCloud Certification or about shift-left development models, we have it all for you! 

Cisco U. Theatre 

This year, we are bringing you a variety of topics that we will cover in our Cisco U. Theater in person as well as virtually on your favorite YouTube channel: @CiscoUTube 

Watch the live stream from the Cisco U. Theatre

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First up, we know you are excited about our newest Multicloud Certification (as we are), and so we are presenting you with some sessions to get your journey started with our cert:  

ENCC: Cloud VPN – Click-Ops to Automation [CISCOU-1814]

Part of the new ENCC exam is connecting on-prem resources to cloud providers using traditional IPSec VPNs using the constructs provided for native VPNs within those clouds. This session will walk through the steps required to prepare your cloud network for VPN connectivity and connect a router via VPN to this resource. Additionally, we’ll walk through the Terraform configuration equivalent to instantiate the same configuration automatically! 

ENCC – CCNP Enterprise Multicloud Training [CISCOU-1770] 

Discover how you can level up your CCNP Enterprise certification and become a Multicloud Specialist. The new ENCC 1.0 300-440 exam was released on September 20, 2023. We will explore the exam topics and then dive into the official ENCC learning path hosted on Cisco U. We will look at what the content covers and demo some of the hands-on labs that will allow you to practice building and troubleshooting enterprise cloud connectivity. 

ENCC: Create And Configure VPC Components in AWS [CISCOU-1832]

Cloud networking is a fundamental building block of cloud computing. In this session, we will go through cloud networking basics, and you will learn how to create a VPC, subnets, and route tables within AWS. This will be a fun, hands-on session! It will help you understand Cloud Networking and prepare you for our latest MultiCloud Connect Certification (ENCC). 

Cisco Certification Trivia [CISCOU-1767]

Additionally, join us for Cisco Certification Trivia, where all the questions come from the exam topics for exams like CCNA, ENCOR, and DevNet Associate. Whether you are preparing for one of the exams or want to test your knowledge—come by for some laughs and fun!

Network, network, network 

What’s a tech event without the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals? The Learning and Certification Space isn’t just about absorbing information; it’s a chance to forge connections. As you stroll through the hub, stop by and say hi to your fellow certified friends. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and who knows, you might find your next mentor or collaborator in the ever-expanding Cisco ecosystem. 

In a nutshell, the Learning and Certification presence at Cisco Live Melbourne is your gateway to a world of knowledge and opportunities. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the realm of Cisco or a seasoned professional seeking to stay at the forefront of technology, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss out: Schedule your Cisco U. sessions here and come hang out with us! 

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