Change the economics of your network in your favor with a simplified architecture that converges services on a unified, automated infrastructure for maximum scalability and agility to support the AI/ML era as well as 5G and beyond.


In the evolving service provider scene where new user demands are constantly emerging, we know that transport needs an efficient, cohesive network architecture. Our Converged SDN Transport solution is a simplified, trustworthy, programmable network architecture that changes the economics of networks to deliver connected experiences at massive scale. The solution is an integral part of the Cisco Networking Cloud platform.

We can help you transform your network’s economic landscape so you can streamline your network architecture and unify services on an automated infrastructure designed for scalability and flexibility. This will prime your network for the demands of AI/ML, 5G, and future technologies. Leverage our cutting-edge advancements in silicon, optics, software, automation, and assurance to help your business thrive. Exciting changes to our Mobility Services Platform will make it even easier for you to make the most of your 5G networks and pave the way for engaging enterprise experiences.

So, grab a cup of coffee and read on to learn about our latest offerings that can help to further simplify your network, as well as unify and deliver broadband, mobile, and business services of exceptional quality.

Innovations that simplify operations and improve user experiences and network efficiency

Let’s talk about building the internet for what comes next. Our portfolio is expanding to include two new Cisco 8000 Series Routers, two new line cards, as well as extending the proven value and simplicity of Cisco Routed Optical Networking (RON) to the access network with Cisco Routed Passive Optical Networking (PON). We’re enhancing Cisco Crosswork Network Automation to further simplify network operations with predictive AI. It unifies the management of the multivendor, multidomain IP and optical network. The Crosswork suite automates the whole lifecycle of network and service operations, including service provisioning and assurance, visibility, workflow automation, network planning, and advanced, real-time optimization.

New resource-optimized platforms

In 2019, we introduced our “Internet for the Future” strategy along with the Cisco Silicon One ASIC, a unique networking chip that powers Cisco 8000 Series Routers. Our market-leading routing portfolio offers solutions for every part of the network with systems that provide energy efficiency, high capacity, and performance scalability.

Expanding further, we’ve added the Cisco 8212 and Cisco 8711 for deployment at the core, peering, or aggregation to our lineup. These are high-performance 1 RU platforms, based on Silicon One and designed to support speeds up to 400G routing in space- and power-constrained environments.

Solution portfolio expansion

Routed PON, released last quarter, extends the proven value and simplicity of RON to the access network. Routed PON now supports real-time performance monitoring through integration with Accedian Skylight Sensors, which give a crystal-clear view of performance anomalies. With pluggable optical line terminals (OLTs) the Routed PON solution lets you expand and/or upgrade without changing the existing setup. Think plug-and-play modules that let broadband networks deliver top-notch, secure, and fast services to homes and businesses. Plus, it’s ready for the internet speeds of tomorrow, from 10G today to 25G and beyond in the future. Whether it’s for greenfield networks such as those driven by government-funded broadband connectivity initiatives or for brownfield networks that need upgrades, Routed PON offers a simple and scalable solution.

AI-enabled operations to scale services quickly and precisely

Contending with the unpredictable nature of network behavior, traffic patterns, and service demands requires quick adaptability. Capacity planning and knowing precisely where to invest can directly impact the user experience. Crosswork Network Automation incorporates predictive AI to help effectively mitigate these challenges. Our latest enhancements include the following:

Accurate capacity planner and real-time congestion mitigation. Crosswork Planning can help you proactively analyze what-if scenarios and more accurately map future growth and traffic demands. Optimize network planning, capacity management, and resource allocation. Crosswork Network Controller provides AI-enabled automatic path optimization to address traffic congestion in real time.
Fast issue identification. Crosswork tightly integrates with Accedian Skylight to provide AI and machine learning capabilities to quickly identify service-impacting anomalies—before SLA violations happen. The solution responds to anomalies within milliseconds, performs microsecond latency measurements, and detects sub-1% packet loss. These market-leading metrics mean you can see and deeply understand every user’s experience at every moment. This combination of Skylight and Crosswork also helps you gain forward-looking insights so you can stay on top of your network’s health and keep your services running smoothly to meet SLAs and keep customers happy.
Easy provisioning, deep visibility. The Crosswork Network Controller provides unified operations across service and device lifecycle management, with views into network inventory, fault, and performance management. It also simplifies and accelerates service provisioning and provides granular services health monitoring.
Support for sustainability goals. Crosswork’s enhanced dashboards allow you to easily track and meet sustainability goals, helping to ramp up efforts to reduce carbon footprint and promote environmentally conscious business practices.

Monetize your network and accelerate growth

The latest update to the Cisco Mobility Services Platform is a game-changer, especially for car manufacturers and businesses looking to dive into new subscription services. It’s all about giving you more control with easy management of SIM cards and vehicle lifecycles, all while keeping things smooth with automated provisioning, adaptable policies, charging options, and managing usage limits.

Feature enhancements include:

Streamlined branch connectivity with zero-touch eSIM provisioning: Together, Cisco Catalyst, Meraki SD-WAN, 5G, and IoT Control Center provide enterprises with wireless high-speed broadband access to their network, streamlining enterprise connectivity, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving the customer experience. Zero-touch onboarding dramatically simplifies deployment for remote, branch, and home offices.
Dynamic policy and charging: Connected car OEMs can offer consumers prepaid subscription services (like Wi-Fi hotspots). This feature sets the stage for value-added services like onboard applications and can help boost your revenue diversification strategies.
Service assurance with on-demand network slicing: Now you can offer guaranteed (SLA-based) mission-critical voice and data connectivity as premium services, complete with real-time monitoring and assurance of the targeted performance metrics for those network slices. Your enterprise customers can create customized virtual 5G network “slices” within a private 5G deployment, each optimized for specific use cases with guaranteed quality of service.

Empowering service providers with Cisco Networking Cloud

As we wrap up another insightful session at Cisco Live 2024, the future of networking looks brighter and more dynamic than ever. With the Cisco Networking Cloud platform paving the way for unparalleled efficiency, security, and connectivity, you can be empowered to not just keep pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape, but to lead the charge. By embracing the innovations showcased here, from AI-driven automation and assurance to advanced routing and revenue-generating platforms, you’re not just preparing for the future—you’re shaping it. Use our powerful solutions to create a network that’s ready for tomorrow’s challenges and capable of unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

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“}]]  Change the economics of your network in your favor with a simplified architecture that converges services on a unified, automated infrastructure for maximum scalability and agility to support the AI/ML era as well as 5G and beyond.  Read More Cisco Blogs