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As we eagerly anticipate Cisco Live Amsterdam 2024, one aspect that stands out for technology enthusiasts and developers alike is the array of Meraki developer sessions that… Read more on Cisco Blogs


Connect, Code, Create

As we eagerly anticipate Cisco Live Amsterdam 2024, one aspect that stands out for technology enthusiasts and developers alike is the array of Meraki developer sessions that promise to be both informative and transformative. From sustainability goals to seamless collaborations and innovative API strategies, the Meraki developer sessions are set to be a highlight of this event. As always, I want to ensure that you are thoroughly informed about the exciting Meraki developer sessions that are occurring on-site.

For sessions focusing on Meraki API & Ecosystem, register for these talks led by Meraki subject matter experts.

Meraki API & Ecosystem focused sessions

APIs for a Greener world – Achieve Network Sustainability goals with Meraki Dashboard APIs – DEVNET-1379

Listen to success stories of customers who have harnessed Meraki APIs to create sustainable networks. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the transformative potential of Meraki APIs in achieving your organization’s sustainability goals.

Meraki and Ansible: A collaboration made in the cloud – DEVNET-1399

During this engaging session, participants will embark on a journey through the seamless integration of Ansible with Cisco-Meraki, enabling businesses to achieve unparalleled automation capabilities.

Monitoring at Scale with Meraki APIs – DEVNET-1449

Take your network monitoring up a level. Combine the power of Meraki APIs with some open source tools, and know how you can achieve what the art of the possible is.

Unlock API Innovation with the Meraki Ecosystem – DEVNET-2378

This session will cover specifics on how APIs can help mass provision your network, create network automation, set up advanced monitoring services, provide advanced analytics with cameras and many other cloud integrations.

Why Developers Don’t Care About OAuth – DEVLIT-2145

In this session, you will learn how OAuth enhances data security and user experience by granting secure access to protected resources without sharing sensitive credentials. We will share practical insights through real-world examples and best practices for successful OAuth implementations.

Transforming Network Operations: How Cisco Meraki’s licensing automation elevates productivity and simplifies subscription management – DEVLIT-2144

This interactive and insightful session at Cisco Live will delve into Cisco Meraki’s Subscription APIs, the cornerstone of efficient network and subscription management. Tailored for the intermediate technical level, this 20-minute DevNet session is designed to empower you with the tools for automation and orchestration within your architecture

API design principles and considerations for massive scale – DEVNET-2710

In this session we will tackle a number of API design principles we have developed and how these designs solve problems for application developers managing data and networks at massive scale.

Meraki hands-on workshops in the DevNet Zone

Do you want to roll up your sleeves and start building? We have instructor led workshops for people with different experience levels.

Application Creation Through Customizable Webhook Templates – DEVWKS-1035

This hands-on workshop will explore the new webhook payload template features, related APIs and how you can get started writing your own templates using the Liquid template language.

Automate Meraki Alerting & Response with Webhooks and AWS Lambda – DEVWKS-2845

In this workshop, participants will learn how to respond to alerts being sent from the Meraki dashboard in an automated fashion. To achieve this goal, you’ll learn how to create a webhook and have the Meraki dashboard send events using this webhook. How to create an AWS Lambda function with an API endpoint to process these events. Finally, you will learn how to send API calls to the Meraki API from the Lambda function to instantly respond to the event.

APIs are the new SNMP! – DEVWKS-2036

This workshop will focus on showing real world use cases leveraging APIs to solve challenges in managing and monitoring your company’s network.

Unite Meraki, Catalyst, and ISE with Ansible! – DEVWKS-2301

Discover the future of network automation as we unveil the seamless integration of Ansible with Meraki, Catalyst, and ISE. In this workshop you will experience first-hand how the powerful alliance simplifies network management, strengthens security, and empowers organizations to scale with unparalleled efficiency.

Meraki MX Security: Simplified with Programmability – DEVWKS-2003

This session will guide participants through working with Meraki MX appliances using the Meraki Dashboard API. They will learn how to modify and apply security policies programmatically and query security incidents from firewall appliances. Both NetOps and SecOps engineers will benefit from learning how to interact with their infrastructure using the API interfaces.

Cisco U sessions

There are some exciting sessions scheduled in the Cisco U theatre

Introducing Meraki Integration in Webex Control Hub – CISCOU-1016

Discover in this session how this integration empowers you to effortlessly troubleshoot audio and video meeting quality on Meraki networks.

Vanilla ISE: Building your own User-Friendly Custom UI – CISCOU-2027

Participants will learn how they can leverage Cisco APIs to tailor any solution to their own needs. Vanilla ISE is a simplified UI that allows organizations to empower their help desk personnel to troubleshoot and operate Cisco ISE, thus offloading the networking/security team to mundane tasks.

API Hacks: Mass-Scale automation for Catalyst and Meraki networking – CISCOU-1793

The session will cover clever methods, techniques and tools that can significantly improve scale, reliability, and functionality of Meraki’s API. The breakout will include actual customer use-cases. These topics will cover both Meraki (all products) and Catalyst Switching(Cat9k) product portfolios.

Meraki spotlight day

Make sure you don’t miss out the Meraki spotlight day which will take place on Wednesday, February 7th in the DevNet Zone. This is a great opportunity to meet and network with Meraki folks.

Can’t make it to Cisco Live? Follow the live stream

Alongside the in-person event, Cisco Live 2024 Amsterdam will feature a live streaming event from February 6-8, accessible to all without any cost or registration. Engage with us in real-time for Keynotes, Innovation Talks, studio interviews, and additional content.

Access to Keynotes, Innovation Talks, and breakout sessions will be provided in the Cisco Live On-Demand Library by the conclusion of February 2024.


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