A few years ago, you could be forgiven for not worrying about cloud computing and cloud providers, especially at the enterprise level. In fact, in your daily life, you might have only known “the c… Read more on Cisco Blogs

A few years ago, you could be forgiven for not worrying about cloud computing and cloud providers, especially at the enterprise level. In fact, in your daily life, you might have only known “the cloud” as something that allowed you to binge-watch your favorite streaming series or enabled speedy response times on your mobile apps, whether you’re in Los Angeles, London, Lima, or Lagos.

Nowadays–whether you know it or not–your enterprise is probably in the cloud. It’ll be up to you to make sure that apps, data, and services can move seamlessly between your local data centers and whichever cloud provider(s) your company is using. Sounds like a pretty big job, but don’t worry: We’re here to help. Read on for an overview of learning and certification offers built to guide you on your cloud connectivity journey—regardless of Wide-Area Network (WAN) technology or cloud provider. We’ve been the leader in connectivity for decades, and the cloud isn’t any different for us.

Helping connect you to the clouds

As part of the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise certification, we’ve released the new ENCC concentration exam, which focuses on Designing and Implementing Cloud Connectivity. You can look at the blueprint, but it’s a pretty comprehensive exam, focusing on design, multiple types of implementations (IP Security [IPSec] and Software-Defined WAN [SDWAN]), and troubleshooting of these implementations.

If you’re unfamiliar with cloud networking concepts in general, you can get started with cloud networking and connectivity tutorials (created by us, your technical advocates). They are available on Cisco U. today, for free and for everyone.

If you’re already cloud-aware and want to jump into connecting them using cloud-native resources, we’ve got tutorials for instantiating IPsec VPNs between a Cisco router and AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

If you’d like something a bit more comprehensive, we’re releasing a complete ENCC Learning Path covering the entire certification blueprint. The first track of this learning path is live now for those with a Cisco U. subscription, with the rest following in short order over the coming weeks.

Designing and Implementing Cloud Connectivity | ENCC | Track 1

Available now in Cisco U. Free. Get started

Additionally, there are several Snack Minute resources if you prefer your learning in video format rather than written words. In Episode 113, Patrick Gargano teases the thought process behind the Multicloud Specialist certifications, as well as reviews the blueprint and exam topics that are included in the ENCC Certification. Finally, he teases some of the resources available on Cisco U.

In Episode 121, I dive deep into the Azure cloud control panel and the required steps to create an IPSec-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) between an on-prem router and native cloud VPN constructs.

If you couldn’t tell–we’re excited about this new certification and want to see you succeed in your certification journey!

New Snack Minute episodes premiere every Tuesday at noon Pacific Time.

Available only on @CiscoUtube. View Snack Minute episodes 

Enhancing our own cloud

Having a unified platform for a variety of different learning components (tutorials, courses, and learning paths) is great. But like with any investment, especially at the enterprise level, being able to track users, licenses, start and end dates, and license consumption, is important. Because of this, we’ve added an “Admin portal” within Cisco U. to ensure that customer administrators are provided an in-platform experience to manage learner accounts. This way, you can be sure the right learners are enabled to their heart’s content!

Creating enticing cloud offers

Finally, rumor has it that we’ll be offering a special Cisco U. Black Friday deal (November 20–24, 2023). The downside is that those dates are a few weeks away. However, the upside is that they are a few weeks away; giving you a chance to explore all that Cisco U. has to offer (if you haven’t already).

Dive into the tutorials, explore the available courses and Learning Paths, and see just how much there is for you to learn. I’m sure that you’ll be setting your alarm for first thing on the 20th to make sure that you don’t miss out.

I know I wrote a lot of words. The TL;DR of it all is: Using the power of Cisco and our new learning platform, the cloud has never looked…brighter? (Well, maybe that doesn’t work since clouds usually block the sun–but you know what I mean.)

As always, if this wasn’t enough information, click the video below to get a complete recap of everything new in Cisco U., and check out the Cisco Learning Network for some cloudy discussions about it all afterward. I mean—well… the discussions aren’t cloudy—they are pretty clear and easy to understand, actually. I’ve really carried this joke too far, haven’t I?

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