Who is ACW and what do they do?

ACW, a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest technology manufacturers and services companies, faces a pressing challenge – a shortage of skilled workers on a global … Read more on Cisco Blogs

Who is ACW and what do they do?

ACW, a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest technology manufacturers and services companies, faces a pressing challenge – a shortage of skilled workers on a global scale. This conglomerate, boasting hundreds of manufacturing clients worldwide, seeked to address this issue by introducing their innovative ACW Eagle Remote Worker & Out-of-Band Management Solution, geared towards enhancing equipment accessibility and security. In short, ACW’s mission is to provide a seamless solution, enabling better accessibility, easy deployment, and efficient management integration.

In the backdrop of a changing work landscape marked by hybrid work models and increasing staff turnover, manufacturing organizations have recognized the urgency of real-time virtual knowledge sharing. ACW’s Remote Worker, built on Cisco and Moderro’s collaboration technology, is designed to bridge this knowledge gap. Moderro’s knowledge delivery system introduces a new dimension of real-time video calling and virtual collaboration for both experts and end users.

This technology promises several advantages:

Improved Collaboration: Manufacturers can now swiftly connect with vendors and technical experts worldwide, fostering efficient communication.
Zero Downtime through Enhanced Efficiency: Manufacturing customers receive timely support, improving project turnaround times by promptly accessing remote expertise.
Remote and Hybrid Manufacturing Work: The solution enables secure remote and hybrid work environments for manufacturers, with Cisco’s secure communication solutions ensuring data safety.

The Remote Worker solution positions ACW ahead of its competitors, promising superior service for its clients.

ACW Pilot

The ACW Remote Worker solution underwent a successful pilot deployment on the manufacturing floor of ACW’s partner in Taiwan. This involved equipping CN machine lines with tablets accessible to operators. When issues arise, operators can initiate a video call with an expert, who can assess the problem, control tablet cameras, share screens, send text messages, and offer image hints. This streamlines the process, reducing problem resolution time from potentially hours to mere minutes.

Mr. Huang, Production Line Manager, emphasizes the efficiency and timeliness of this solution. He highlights the contrast between the traditional method of contacting engineers through emails or phone calls and the immediate video interaction provided by ACW’s Remote Worker. Additionally, features like document and photo sharing enhance communication between operators and engineers.

ACW plans to leverage this solution to support its parent company’s manufacturing plants and service-based clients, anticipating that it will facilitate global collaboration among manufacturing experts.

The Future for ACW

In the future, ACW aims to integrate its Remote Worker solution with a Hybrid Work Software Suite. This approach promises rapid and efficient replication in various manufacturing settings, presenting an attractive proposition for companies seeking to stay competitive globally. Leveraging a diverse Cisco product portfolio, ACW can expand the solution to incorporate seven Cisco software solutions, including Webex, Umbrella, DUO, Thousand Eyes End Point Agent, Secure End Point Advantage, AnyConnect, and Meraki System Manager.

This comprehensive suite empowers companies to secure, connect, and collaborate effectively, enabling manufacturers to harness the potential of their existing systems while benefiting from remote expertise, revolutionizing project collaboration in the manufacturing industry.

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  ACW, a subsidiary of a global technology giant, confronts a worldwide skilled labor shortage. They’ve introduced the ACW Eagle Remote Worker Solution to enhance Equipment Accessibility & Security, striving for seamless accessibility and efficient management.  Read More Cisco Blogs