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Our research shows that, mirroring the broader AI trend, enterprises across industry verticals sharply increased their use of AI from May 2023 to June 2023, with sustained growth through August 2023. We see that the majority of AI/ML traffic is being driven by manufacturing, which may offer a glimpse into the rapid innovation and transformation driven by Industry 4.0. Indeed, its substantial engagement in these tools highlights the likely key role that AI and ML will play in the future of manufacturing.

Figure 1: Breakdown of AI popularity by industry vertical

Other industries, like finance, have shown steep growth in the use of AI/ML tools, largely driven by the adoption of generative AI chat tools like ChatGPT and Drift. Indeed, since June 2023, the finance sector has experienced continuous growth in these areas.

Figure 2: ChatGPT transaction trends by industry vertical

Unsurprisingly, has emerged as a driving force, accounting for 36% of the AI/ML traffic we observed. Of that 36% observed, 58% of traffic to that domain can be attributed to ChatGPT. However, when it comes to the most popular tool in use, Drift takes the crown, followed by ChatGPT and tools like LivePerson and Writer. As new AI use cases continue to emerge, it is likely that we will see enterprises adopt AI — not merely in leveraging generative AI chat tools, but as a core driver of business that can create competitive differentiation.

Figure 3: Pie chart of top AI applications