Introduction to Cisco FTDv partnership with Megaport. Learn how organisations can solve their last-mile network security puzzle with ease.


Business critical data can originate from diverse sources ranging from multiple public clouds, private clouds, and internal servers to a remote employee’s device. Securing each data entity individually is time consuming and challenging due to lack of compliance between all the data points. With the increase in such use cases, you must be able to deploy the firewall quickly and securely at your network edge in a way that provides scalability and flexibility.

Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) is an on-demand Network Function Virtualization (NFV) service on Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN), with a global reach of more than 280 cloud on-ramps and more than 850 data centers. MVE enables you to secure low latency branch-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and branch-to-branch connectivity over a global private network. From the Megaport portal, you can deploy SD-WAN gateways, virtual routers, transit gateways, and virtual firewalls at the network edge.

Deploying Threat Defense Virtual on MVE enables you to create a security service chain in your hybrid and multi-cloud workflows; and deploy a single point solution for personal devices, data centers, and the closest availability zones of your cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. This integration reduces data transit over potentially insecure networks and allows you to seamlessly implement your security solution without worrying about problems with robustness and scalability.

Benefits of Integrating Threat Defense Virtual with Megaport 

Low Latency: Having the firewall deployed close to your network’s edge ensures optimal data transmission performance and low network latency.
Ease of management: Instead of managing multiple firewalls present at different locations (public and private clouds, data centers, and so on), you can manage one firewall with an FDM, FMC, or SaaS-based Cisco Defense Orchestrator.
Reduced skill gap: You need separate skill sets to secure all the different public clouds and private data centers. Using Cisco Threat Defense Virtual on Megaport Virtual Edge reduces that skill gap and makes security operations easier.
Increased security: Cisco Threat Defense Virtual provides an unmatched level of threat intelligence. Combining it with Megaport’s end-to-end private global network ensures a robust network architecture.

Use Cases

Cisco Threat Defense Virtual deployed on Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) can be used for scenarios ranging from securing traffic from your data center to a multicloud architecture to securing traffic transiting between multiple public clouds. You can create up to 25 virtual connections from an MVE to connect to your chosen environments.

Multicloud Deployment

Deploying the Cisco Threat Defense Virtual on MVE enables you to securely route all traffic through the Threat Defense Virtual instead of dealing with the complex task of creating a dedicated security solution for each individual cloud provider. It not only acts as a single-point solution but also addresses gaps in interoperability and user skill between multiple public cloud platforms. Megaport’s integration with major cloud service providers makes it easy to build a robust multicloud architecture over its global private network

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Similar to multicloud architecture, your organization can also deploy the Cisco Threat Defense Virtual on MVE to ensure that the traffic between your private data center and cloud architecture is secure. With the help of Megaport’s global network, you can deploy the Threat Defense Virtual in a location that is geographically closer to your HQ, resulting in high performance and low latency.

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