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The experience matters more than ever in the digital marketplace. In a recent survey, 57% of consumers say brands have one shot to impress them, and if their digital service does not perform, they won’t use them again. Applications are the heart of these experiences. The stakes are high, and organizations need to know all aspects of how applications perform—aligned to clear business outcomes. Acquiring that level of visibility isn’t easy, because application environments are more specialized than ever, and carefully tailored to specific business processes.

How can organizations gain the observability they need, without changing the way they do business? Cisco FSO Platform lets them extend observability without compromise. Designed for today’s cloud architectures, it provides an extensible approach for the creation of new and custom business use cases. One of its main differentiators is Cisco’s ecosystem of innovative partners, who extend observability by building custom modules for cloud native observability that help customers with specific business outcomes. Let’s take a closer look at the Capacity Planner and Forecaster module, built by Kanari.

Kanari Capacity Planner and Forecaster

Modern application environments are highly dynamic, and they depend upon infrastructure that needs to be flexible and elastic. That in turn, raises new questions for organizations including how do they forecast and plan for their capacity and how do they optimize their costs while maintaining the requisite performance. One area where observability really shines is in its ability to acquire deep insights from complex application environments, and help organizations proactively prepare for new challenges.

“We wanted to augment the power of machine learning in the platform, which is one of its main areas of extensibility,” said Michael Breen, CEO of Kanari capacity. “We really focused on capacity, because it can impact everything from cost calculation regarding cloud consumption to helping teams work more proactively in their operations.”

The Kanari Capacity Planner and Forecaster module provides insights into infrastructure risk factors that have been determined through predictive machine learning algorithms, such as ARIMA, SARIMA,  and LSTM. It helps organizations derive capacity forecasts and plans using these insights. And it lets organizations analyze changing capacity needs over time.

Kanari lets organizations filter views to see values that have been forecast over time. These insights enable them to set health rules based on the metrics for the forecast of any entity at any time.

A springboard that showcases the latest innovation

For our technology partners like Kanari, Cisco FSO Platform presents an excellent opportunity to bring new solutions to market fast, supporting specific domain and vertical use cases. “What we found really powerful about Cisco FSO platform is really the extensibility and flexibility of the model, which is really built right into the heart of the platform,” said Breen. “In our case, we actually spent much more time trying to figure out what we were going to build, than actually building it.” This kind of scalability is a big benefit for our customers as well, who can take advantage of the very latest advances in machine learning and other technologies, delivered by our partners over an agile, adaptable platform. Together, Cisco FSO Platform and its partner modules deliver a comprehensive solution that scales as businesses scale—and easily extends everywhere, across the infrastructure and the application life cycle.

Watch the full interview between Michael Breen, CEO, Kanari and Sunder Parameswaran, VP, Products, Cisco FSO.

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