Explore the Cisco Cloud Protection Suite, tailor-made for MSPs to combat expanding cloud vulnerabilities. Enhance your SOC with solutions for vulnerability management, attack surface mapping, workload security, and multicloud defense.


There is no Cloud without a secure network.

As businesses evolve and scale through acquisitions and new ventures, they often find themselves operating within a hybrid multicloud landscape. This expansion, while providing numerous benefits, introduces complex security challenges. As a Managed Services Partner (MSP), you play a crucial role in safeguarding your customers’ operations across their diverse and complex cloud services, all while enabling their digital evolution. One of the biggest challenges of expanding the cloud footprint is that the attack surface widens, and the potential for misconfiguration and exposure of security vulnerability increases. Here, we outline strategies to address these challenges effectively.

The Suite Spot: Streamline Your Security Operations with Cisco

Cisco’s Security Suites are simplifying the way MSPs manage their operations by reducing complexity, and the Cloud Protection Suite specifically caters to hybrid multi-cloud environments. It ensures the consistency and precision of your security policies, minimizes misconfiguration risks, and provides comprehensive protection across data centers and cloud domains. It also facilitates policy management with its centralized controls.

Key Elements of the Cisco Cloud Protection Suite

Cisco Vulnerability Management (formerly Kenna.VM)

Harnessing Talos intelligence and contextual insight, this solution enables you to monitor vulnerabilities, assess their risk based on weaponization potential, and prioritize responses. With features like continuous vulnerability scanning and automated patch management, this tool is indispensable for robust network security.

Cisco Attack Surface Management (formerly Cisco Cloud Secure Insight)

This solution offers cloud inventory and relationship mapping to pinpoint vulnerabilities swiftly. It’s crucial for maintaining a comprehensive view of your multicloud environment and ensuring all cloud-based assets are secure and compliant.

Cisco Secure Workload

Implement zero trust across any application workflow implementing micro-segmentation, behavioral analysis, and automated policy enforcement to curb threat lateral movement and grants in-depth insights into workload behaviors.

Cisco Cloud Application Security

Navigate through cloud-native application security risks and misconfigurations across their lifecycle. This tool integrates with CI/CD pipelines to prioritize risks and offers insights for containerized applications, ensuring your cloud-native applications meet regulatory standards and policies.

Cisco Multicloud Defense

Fortify your entire cloud environment (Public, Private, or hybrid) with a unified control plane that streamlines the deployment of security measures, reduces training time, and minimizes the risk of misconfiguration. Cisco Multicloud Defense ensures consistent security policies across different cloud platforms and provides real-time threat protection and secure connectivity.

The Managed Services Advantage

As a Managed Service Partner, you can start to elevate your offerings by integrating these capabilities into your current Security Operations Center (SOC). This approach allows you to enhance your existing cloud security managed services or incorporate these offerings into the security infrastructure you manage for your customers.

An example to start a Managed Cloud Security offer is to use Managed Vulnerability. You can enhance your Managed Firewall services with smart patching orchestration providing proactive services and leverage the MSLA buying program for Vulnerability Management.

Adding Cloud Protection Suite to your current managed service portfolio gives you a competitive edge. Enable you to effectively address the complex security needs of your customers’ multicloud environments.

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“}]]  Explore the Cisco Cloud Protection Suite, tailor-made for MSPs to combat expanding cloud vulnerabilities. Enhance your SOC with solutions for vulnerability management, attack surface mapping, workload security, and multicloud defense.  Read More Cisco Blogs