Cisco announces new Multicloud Certifications focused on connectivity and security to ensure IT professionals have the skills to defend future cyber-attacks – get started with a special deal on Cisco … Read more on Cisco Blogs

Cisco announces new Multicloud Certifications focused on connectivity and security to ensure IT professionals have the skills to defend future cyber-attacks – get started with a special deal on Cisco CyberOps training. 

Over 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent every day and now companies must deal with risks associated with AI and remote work. I always remind myself that with every technology advancement comes new risks to security. In fact, it is estimated that the global cost of cybercrime will hit $10.5 trillion by 2025.  

But there are challenges to meet these dynamic threats. Human-driven responses to cyberattacks are failing to keep up with automated attacks due to the rapid pace that cybersecurity threats are developing; and 77% of organizations find it difficult to recruit the skilled talent they need to fill future technology roles.  

The best way to mitigate these risks is with specialized security systems and a skilled staff. Fifty four percent of organizations (64% for organizations that have high cyber maturity) agree, seeing training and certifications programs as a key strategy to retain valuable talent. The market is demanding more skills in areas of base network security, cloud security, and cyber threat defense to help protect organizations from cybersecurity attackers.    

New Multicloud Certifications Drive Secure Connectivity 

As companies leverage more cloud-hosted solutions across several providers, a new set of skills are required.  That’s why Cisco Learning & Certifications’ new Multicloud Certifications for Cloud Connectivity and Cloud Security are critical to any cybersecurity and SASE planning. Learners can find our Designing and Implementing Cloud Connectivity Certification exam and on Cisco U. with training in November. But to get learners started, there are two free tutorials that focus on Creating and Configuring VPC Components in AWS and Configuring IPsec VPN from Cisco IOS XE to AWS.   

The exam for the Designing and Implementing Secure Cloud Access for Users and Endpoints Certification becomes available in November.  

With a strong focus on practical application, individuals will gain the knowledge and tools to effectively enable, design, configure, and establish secure connections within cloud network architectures. By obtaining these certifications, candidates demonstrate their proficiency in implementing and connecting cloud technologies, while adhering to best practices in cloud security. 

Whether it be Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, or others, security professionals need to understand each solutions strength and weaknesses.  Understanding how to extend corporate secure access to cloud and then control with cloud application data is vital to the success of an IT security professional.    

Get started with free CyberOps training  

Cisco is also offering its Associate-level training in CyberOps for free in Cisco U., but only during Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, 2023.   

Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals teaches the security concepts, common network and application operations and attacks, and the types of data needed to investigate security incidents. This course will be popular for people wanting to work as a Security Analyst to monitor inbound alerts of possible intrusions and defend a company’s network.   

Cybersecurity training for you during Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, CCIEs will be able to attend an event on October 30, 2023, to discuss incident response and infrastructure as code. Register here

There are also tutorials on Introduction to Firewall Management Center APIs, Introduction to the Cisco ISE Policy Set, Securing Your API Token with Vault, and Using VLANs to Segment Different User Groups on a Switch.  New security training will be added regularly to help learners build breadth and depth to their security knowledge.   

Cisco Learning & Certifications also has a plethora of other security training available in October, including:  

<li data-leveltext="" data-font="Symbol" data-listid="2" data-list-defn-props=" LinkedIn ” data-aria-posinset=”1″ data-aria-level=”1″>Securing Cisco Networks with Snort Rule Writing Best Practices 
Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks 
Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance 
Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions 
Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies 
Security Operations Analyst Level 1 
Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine 
Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance 
Fundamental of Cisco Firewall Threat Defense and Intrusion Prevention 
Protecting Against Malware Threats with Cisco AMP for Endpoints 
Introduction to Network Security Engineer Job Role  
Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals 
Performing CyberOps Using Cisco Security Technologies 

Technology innovations create so much potential for organizations but also increase the number of ways attackers can cause harm.  By upskilling IT professionals with the latest cybersecurity and cloud skills, we can ensure our teams have the skills to turn risks and vulnerabilities into opportunities. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a great place to start your security skills journey. 

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